The economics of dairy production starts exactly in the field, from the point of designing feeding strategies and considering the peculiarities of growing forage crops. Therefore, a new workshop on the base of the Dairy Center Kischenzi studying platform was dedicated to the issues of forage harvesting. This three-day workshop was carried out in cooperation with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) within the framework of the Ukraine Dairy Supply Chain Development Project. Experts and trainers of the Consulting Center of the Association of Milk Producers and IFC .

 Ten participants from different regions of Ukraine took part in the workshop.

 On the lectures, that lasted for two days, experts of AMP and IFC shared their experience with participants on the following hot topics:

• Profitability of dairy production - the role of the manager, agronomist, and zootechnician;

• Formation of the foraging strategy for animal husbandry;

• A diversity of ingredients is the key to the complete balancing of highly effective cattle diets;

• Interpretation of laboratory forage tests;

• Analysis of the roughage production and the peculiarities of growing forage crops, etc.

 After lectures, there was a one-day practical workshop, that took place at the Dairy Center Kischenzi. This center was established on the base of the Kishchenzi LLC farm. Kishchenzi LLC farm is a participant of the AMP, a leader of the dairy industry, and an example of the introduction of modern technologies. The participants considered various topics such as crop inspection systems, harvesting protocols, methods of inspecting feed storage, and management of feed quality and safety indicators. Additionally, all participants had an opportunity to be familiarized with the practice of storing used at the Kishchenzi LLC farm.

 At the end of the workshop, each participant obtained certification for evaluating the level of gained knowledge and correct mistakes. Besides, each participant received a certificate of participation.  

Feedback of the participants about the course:

  Dmitry Savinov, Deputy Director of Molochni rosy LLC: to my mind, the course was very interesting and was full of information, but there was little time for a more detailed consideration of the topic. Objectively speaking, the workshop was extremely informative and accessible. Both a specialist in the field and a person, who is not involved in animal husbandry will be interested in the course. Besides, all the preventive measures were taken by the organizers, to prevent the transmission of the Coronavirus. The practical part of the training was conducted at Kishchentzi LLC. I strongly believe that all other Ukrainian farms should look up to this exemplary household. We can observe that the huge funds were invested in the development and improvement of the farm."

  Evgen Mazur, farm manager of the of Molochni rosy LLC: “The workshop is very extensive and informative, we need more time to assimilate all the data we have heard. Especially, I enjoyed listening to the information about agronomy, soil cultivation, and the peculiarities of growing forage crops. I am glad that I am a participant in it. There is no development in the animal husbandry field without studying something new. Without learning the new information, it does not develop in the field of animal husbandry. I have really positive impressions of the Kishchenzi farm, as it is a good farm with an amazing forage base. It is definitely is an example for us to follow. Now I am eager to apply the same approach for storing the concentrated feed on my farm. "

  Andriy Ivanov, technologist of Zhuravka LLC: “ It is an extremely useful add intensive course, with a lot of information to process. Generally, all the approaches were familiar, but I discovered more details and peculiarities of each of them. All specialists are great, and the workshop was suitable and useful. All the interesting moments were recorded and photographed. Besides, after the course, I did my best to introduce the changes in my farm, that I am capable of doing. I am convinced that I participated in the course, not in vain. "


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