We continue the theme of summer camps. Global Agro Finance CEO Oleksandr Nazarko talks about the technological norms that must be observed when keeping animals in summer pens in summer.

We shared the recommendations for keeping cows in summer camps in winter, the advantages and disadvantages of such keeping in the previous publication.


Just as for keeping in winter, you should build the right pen, so for keeping in summer, you need to follow technological standards.

The most common mistakes when keeping animals in summer pens in the summer:

  • Lack of a shed to shelter animals from the sun and rain in the rest area and in the feed table area.
  • Lack of a concrete feed- and manure-passage for daily cleaning of manure.
  • Lack of sufficient watering front.
  • Lack of regular washing of water throughs.
  • Failure to install automation for watering (water is drawn to the animals with the help of a person with a tap).
  • Lack of sufficient feeding front.
  • The level of placement of the neck rails (neck stop).
  • Insufficient bedding level (yes, when it is dry outside, bedding is also necessary).
  • Insufficient lighting at night (or no lighting at all).
  • Unreplenished level of ground, which was removed during previous manure removals.

Without solving at least these aspects, you will constantly be looking for answers to the question of how to improve performance indicators.

Most of the pens can be rebuilt and brought as close as possible to the required technological standards. Some pens should be increased, and some can be reduced. Each case should be considered individually. But by identifying the problem, you can start to solve it.

In addition to the correct construction of the pens, you need to manage them properly - then the result will be the best, because everything in the complex works best!

In my opinion, animal comfort is one of the most effective investments, so count and consider what your cows need if you want them to work for you!


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*Photo source - information portal MilkUA.info

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