With Smart Bow technology from the world's leading veterinarian company Zoetis, you and your veterinarian can access information about each cow in real-time 24/7. The Smart Bow ear tag monitors each cow's rumination and activity and reports about health status and sexual activity. They are used to prevent, identify, eliminate animal health problems, which ultimately leads to an improvement in the overall performance of your farm.

  The first farm in Ukraine that began to use these technologies in his work is LLC "Moloko Vitchyzny", where Fedor Roshka is the general director. "Moloko Vitchyzny" unites three dairy farms in the Sumy region. The enterprise has the status of a breeding plant for breeding Holstein breed, the main direction of work is milk production. To achieve increased efficiency, farms are turning to the latest technological developments.

  “As for new technologies, solutions, or innovations, the decision is made attentively, the whole team weighs all the pros and cons, we consider the payback. And when we believe in that,  it is difficult to stop us. I think Smart Bow will pay off in a maximum of two years. Thanks to better farm management,  sick level, will be less, culling of cows will decrease, and costs for veterinary medications will decrease, the duration of productive use of livestock will increase, and we will have more milk, ” - says Fedor Roshka.

Presentation by Konstantin Roslyakov, head of a representative at Zoetis , at the seminar “Smart Bow herd monitoring system is the key to the success of modern dairy farming”.

Director of  LLC " Moloko Vitchyzny " Fedor Roshka shares the secrets of success at the meeting-seminar.